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Corporate Governance, Risk Management and
Conducting Business in Accordance with Laws

Management Guidelines

         The company push forward to control the compliance to corporate governance policy, business ethics, Code of Conduct, and Anti-corruption policy, to be a part of regular working and adhere to comply for all the organization. And for promoting all employees to realize to legal working with related regulations, the Company has communicated through employee orientation training, internal communication channel “Share Point” and the company website.

Corporate Governance Report of Thailand Listed Companies 2022

         The company has received Excellent CG Scoring or scoring of 5 from the program Corporate Governance Report of Thailand Listed Companies 2022 (CGR) organized by Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Key Operations and Performance in 2022

Key Operations in 2022Key performance in 2022
1. Appointment of the Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee to control the operations on environmental, social and governance (ESG) to meet target and build the confidence to all stakeholders, according to the resolution of Board of Directors’ meeting No. 2 / 20221. The Company has participated in the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) of Thai Listed Companies for the year 2022 by Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) which has been assessed Excellence or 5 stars rating.
2. The Committee has reviewed the Corporate Gover­nance Manual, Business Ethics and Code of Conduct to be clearer and more consistent with laws and regulations.2. 2022 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting As­sessment, the Company received 100 full score or excellent rating for the 4th consecutive year, indicat­ed that the Company has intention to comply with Corporate Governance that consider to Rights and Equity of all shareholders. Anyway, the Company has set a goal to maintain the results of the shareholders’ meeting assessment at an “excellent” level forever.
3. Organizing the training on Business Ethics and Code of Conduct to employees.3. 20.94 % of all employees have been trained course Business ethics and Code of Conduct.
4. Reviewing the Supplier Code of Conduct to be clear­er and more consistent with regulations.4. The Company has no complaints or disputes regard­ing the Code of Conduct.

Board of Directors’ Structure

         The Company has 10 directors of the Board, composite of 2 executive directors, 4 independent directors, and 8 non-executive directors.

Number of directorPosition(s)Date of appointment as directorNumber tenure in years
1Mr. Apisit RujikeatkamjornChairman / Authorized Director26 Feb 200814
2Mr. Witoon SuriyawanakulDirector / Executive Director / Nomination & Remuneration Committee / CEO / Authorized Director4 Apr 2008 – Mar 2016 & 10 May 201713
3Mr. Kriangkai SuriyawanakulDirector / Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee / Executive Director / Vice CEO / Authorized Director30 Oct 20211
4Mr. Nithi PatarachokeDirector / Executive Director23 Nov 201210
5Mr. Paramate NisagornsenDirector9 Nov 20184
6Mr. Wiroat RattanachaisitDirector23 Nov 20220.0
7Mr. Pairoj JuarprathoomDirector / Independent Director / Chairman of Audit & Risk Management Committee23 Apr 20193
8Dr. Boonchai PitugdamrongkijaDirector / Independent Director / Chairman of the Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee/ Audit & Risk Management Committee23 Apr 20193
9Dr. Vongsak SwasdipanichDirector / Independent Director / Audit & Risk Management Committee / Nomination & Remuneration Committee11 May 20166
10Pol.Gen.Kawee SupanunDirector / Independent Director / Chairman of Nomination & Remuneration Committee23 Apr 20193
Average tenure of board members (in years)5.7

Statistics of the meetings for year 2022

* Mr. Bunn Kasemsup has resigned from the position by Mr. Wiroat Rattanachaisit has taken the position instead on 23rd November, 2022 

** Director cannot attend the meeting due to their health problem and has informed to the Chairman prior to the meeting.

Performance and key performance indicators of CEO and executives

         The Company evaluates the performance of chief executive officers and executives annually using the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) cover the following indicators: Financial returns, Relative financial indicators compared to companies in the same industry, and non-financial indicators.

         In this regard, the company will evaluate performance aligned with the 5 core policies and 5 organizational cultures for sustainable growth. The details of the key performance indicators (KPIs) are as follows:

Corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 2022
AspectKey Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Financial• Revenue
• Net Profit
• Gross Profit Margin
• Other financial KPIs for Return on Equity (ROE)
• Same Store Sales Growth rate
Business Development• Opening new branches and/or expanding the business
• Renovation
Customer and Stakeholder• Customers Satisfaction
• The increasing customer base in each sales channel
Innovation• The increasing of a digital store
• Products pick-up transactions through Click & Collect application
Sustainability (ESG)• Sustainability Performance
• Being in the THIS Index 2022
• Development of CSA 2022 (Corporate Sustainability Assessment -S&P Global)
• Survey result of (CGR: Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies)
1. Risk and Crisis Management

         The Company realizes to the importance of risk management to be a part of good corporate governance by the Audit and Risk Management committee performs their duties to review the appropriateness and efficiency of risk management to ensure that the internal control and risk management have sufficient efficiency and report to the Board of Directors, as well as finding solutions that can increase the efficiency of risk management operations to be more comprehensive.

Emerging Risks
TopicCategoryDescriptionImpactMitigation action
Cyber ThreatsTechnological RiskThe Company has implemented information technology systems to support operations to increase efficiency and competitiveness by having operations that is linked to the internet. This puts the company at risk from cyber threats that can significant impacts on company’s information technology management, work processes, and management carried out online or in an online system. Thus, cyber security has become more important, and IT threats accompanying internet connections have become unwelcome risks.• Disruption of IT systems, affecting the sales, customer service, and various accounting systems of the company.
• Leak of important company data, such as commercial data and personal data of customer, etc.
• Be penalized in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Loss of reputation, reliability, and all of stakeholder trust.
• Loss of business opportunities and revenue.
• Define and supervise compliance with information technology security policy.
• Information storage (Data Center) in a cloud that is certified to information security management standards (ISO/IEC27001, ISO/IEC20000-1, ISO 22301, ISO50001, and CSA STAR).
• Assessment digital risks and cyber security to ensure alignment with the strategy and business of the company by the Cyber ​​Security Working Group.
• Training to educate employees including raise awareness form of cyber threats to prevent damage that occurs to the company.
• Regularly organize drills for employees to respond to IT threats and cyber-attacks.
• Regularly update relevant cyber-related law and regulations.
Geopolitical conflictsGeopolitical RiskConflict and geopolitical tensions between countries, as well as the volatility of the money market, the capital market, and the production and consumption sectors due to sensitive economic conditions. As a result, the conditions for the operation and overall performance of the company.• The increase in fuel prices and energy tariffs had an influence on operating performance, which did not match the projected targets.
• Impacts of financial policy management amid inflation by raising the policy rate, as a result, the Company's financial costs increased.
• The impact from foreign exchange rate variations has increased the Company's cost of imported products.
• Monitoring the situation closely in order to develop adequate and timely response plans. Including program development within the organization as a risk management tool.
• Paying for goods that are imported in the local currency instead of in USD.
• Undertake risk management through the Executive Committee and monitor interest rates and financial costs to identify suitable financial instruments.
• Creating new business alliances to reduce dependence on any one company as well as expanding customer bases both domestically and internationally.
2. Business Ethics and Code of Conduce

         The Company aims for operating its business with morality by reviewing and establishing the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct for all employees since executives to employees, as well as partners and contractors to adhere to the practice of working responsibly and honestly, including not being involved in corruption, non-viola¬tion of human rights. In 2022, employees receive communications on anti-corruption policy, Business Ethics and Code of Conduct total 2,107 people.

Complaint and Corruption Management

         The Company has provided a channel for reporting complaints or whistle-blowing to support the complaints handling or clues related to corruption or unethical behavior within the organization through various channels as follows; 

Whistle-blowing Report
Breaches of compliance to good corporate governance code, business ethics and Code of ConductNoneNone
Breaches of the company’s rules and regulationsNoneNone
Corruption ActsNoneNone
Illegal Acts, violate the lawsNoneNone
Infringement of human rights and unfair treatment in workingNoneNone
Discrimination or HarassmentNoneNone
Conflicts of InterestNoneNone
Money Laundering or Insider tradingNoneNone
Communicating, educating and raising awareness

         The Company is committed to operate business with honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, and do not directly or indirectly support or accept any form of corruption. Therefore, the Company has continuously organized the training about Anti-Corruption policy for directors, executives, and all employees, publicized the Anti-corruption policy to all stakeholders through the Company’s website, internal communications “Share Point” and Public Relations Board at all stores.

3. Cybersecurity and Information Management

         The Company has established the Information Technology Security policy to define the principle and regulation in IT security management together with aims to raise awareness on cyber security and important information of the Company, as well as personal data protection which is a part of risks of the Company. 

Personal Data Protection

         The Company realizes to the importance of respecting the privacy rights and security of personal data of customers, partners, and employees. The Company has established the Privacy Policy to inform of the privacy policy, data collection, using or disclosure details, according to the Personal Data Protection Act: PDPA. Along with prescribe practices in the operation of the Company with strict measures to protect the personal data security, to ensure that personal data of customers, partners, and employees shall be kept confidential. Nevertheless, in case that the Company will use that personal data consent must be obtained first and used legally. By 2022, the Company has operated to enhance the personal data protection as follows; 

  • Promulgation of work processes that are in accordance with the PDPA laws. 
  • Appointment of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to operate regard of personal data protection as stipulated by laws. 
  • Publicizing knowledge about PDPA laws to all employees 
  • Attending the training on “Implementation of Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)” course, online inhouse training by a total of executives and employees of 31 persons attended in the training. 
Data Privacy and Data Security statistics
Complaints related to personal data breach256325642565
Number of complaints related to personal data breach - Customers0.00.00.0
Number of complaints related to personal data breach - Suppliers0.00.00.0
Number of complaints related to personal data breach - Employees0.00.00.0

Innovation and Technology

         The Company has intended to operate business to be modern by applying innovation and technology to continuous increase the efficiency in business operations and leading to business development in new styles.

Management Guidelines

         The Company has established Information Technology Policy which focus on creating service innovation, including cooperation with business partners for improving services to efficiently respond customers need, as well as increasing the competitive potential in business.

1. Shopping online on Click & Collect Application Development and Improvement Project

         For increasing distribution channels and convenience in shopping, and also various payment channels to respond the changed lifestyle of new generation.

2. Self-Check Out Development Project

         The Covid – 19 epidemic situation has resulted in change of customers behavior and lifestyle, by social distancing to decrease the spread of disease, and change of new technologies. Thus, the company have realized the importance of technology using for fast service by applying Self – Service  system to increase the efficiency and fastness of stores as well as giving services to respond the changed customers lifestyle.

3. Digital OR Solutions development with Bank of Ayudhya

         The Company has developed Digital OR Solution together with Bank of Ayudhya to enhance the payment standards on distribution channels all over the country and online channels for minor clients and entrepreneurs who buy products at stores to receive more the convenience, fastness and security in payment. The Company has developed the payment solutions to be in accordance and cover all requirements in all forms to respond all customer groups’ needs.

Quality Products and Services

Management Guidelines

         The Company strives to search products and improve services to be quality standard in fair price under lifestyle changing in New Normal way of living which more realize to safety, purchasing behavior through online channels more, eco-friendly product trends, reaching the aging society, as well as increasing the efficiency in same-day delivery and installation service to efficiently respond customer needs.

Eco - friendly Products

         The Company strives to provide and support the distribution of eco-friendly products with awareness of environmental impacts, and support the responsible consumption to customers. The Company has divided Eco-friendly products to be 4 groups as bellows; 

  • ESG 1 Energy saving group, reducing global warming group, Natural resources saving group
  • ESG 2 Health Promotional Group
  • ESG 3 Elderly & Disability Care Products Group
  • ESG 4 Product group for responding New Normal way of living
The proportion of sales revenue of ESG product group / total sales revenues31.81%

Quality of services management

1. Omni Channel Shopping Online System

         Presently, customers lifestyle and requirements have been changed along with evolution of technology, leading customers to buy products through online channels more. Thus, the Company has developed the ordering system and Omni Channel, which is combined between shopping both online and offline to satisfy customers, plus with delivery service or ordering and get products by themselves at stores near home through Click & Collect service.

2. Delivery Service

         The Company has developed online delivery booking system which customers can choose the date and time as required, along with in the past year, the Company has increased the efficiency of delivery service to be fast within same – day ordering to respond the needs and satisfy customers, so the company has launched the Same Day Delivery to facilitate customers who lives in the place where the distance is less than 40 km. When customers order general products; air-conditioners, water heaters, water filters, washing-machines, water pumps, gas stoves, cooker hoods, furniture, tiles, whatever customers have placed an order before 4 PM., the Company will deliver such orders within 7 PM in same day. Beside of Same Day Delivery, the company also assures that products will arrive customers in good condition without any damages on the way.

3. Extra transportation vehicles by employees

         Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, affected the changed behavior of customers to be more shopping online causing higher quantity of products need to be deliver to customers, that result to the Company can not deliver products in time. In order to improve customer satisfaction in terms of services, the Company has improved the delivery services to be fast according to the needs of customers, therefore established the “Extra transportation vehicles by employees” projects by giving employees an opportunity to use their own vehicles for same-day delivery services. In addition, the company also has developed Mobile Application for sales department to immediately book delivery queue for customers.

4. Product Installation Service

         The Company has product installation service for increasing the customers convenience when they buy products of, electrical appliances products group, toilet products, water filters, water tanks and pumps, finished kitchen products, gutters, electrical system and garages, etc. Including guarantee the quality of installation service within a maximum of 180 days and the Company has increased the efficiency of product installation service within a day for customers who buy products before 02.00 PM. for responding the needs and building customer’s satisfaction.

Customer Relation Management and Responsibility

         The company intend to operate business fairly, consider to highest customers satisfaction by determining that employees must give product information and service truly, and not conceal material information that may lead to misunderstanding which affect to customer decision to purchase.

1. Responsibilities toward customers
  • Pre-sales Service The Company adheres to fair marketing by providing customers the information relating to the products and services with reality and undistorted of important information that may lead to misunderstanding result in customer’s making decision. Employees must give promptly advices for product using and risk probability from using together with preventive measures of possible danger to customers.
  • After-sales Service Delivery and Installation Service for electrical product groups, electrical system, floor tiles, doors, windows, wood floorings, laminate-floorings, water tanks, water pumps, gutters, cookware, toilets, and painting, according to terms and conditions of the company as well as warranty after installation.
  • Product repair services for House Brand products shall repair following to stipulated terms and conditions. For products having Brand owners, the company will be the coordinator in order to deliver product to Brand owners along with following-up the product repair until completed.
  • Product Return Service The Company has determined the policy for goods return after-sale within period time not exceeding 30 days from the date of purchasing.
2. Customer Satisfaction

         The Company has specified the customers satisfaction survey process inclusive of customer comments handling process for taking the result to develop and improve products and services as well as continuous improving business operation process of the company and building customers satisfaction to always use the company’s services continuous. The company emphasizes on business operations with integrity and building customer satisfaction by giving the importance to quality products and services, together with readiness of employees “GBH Smart People” subject to 5 quality policies as follows;

Customer Satisfaction

Supply Chain Management

1. Supplier Code of Conduct

         The Company has established the Supplier Code of Conduct to align suppliers and producers’ business practices with the company’s management guidelines. The Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee has been tasked to continuously review and improve the Supplier Code of Conduct so that it corresponds to business changes, covering issues on human rights and labor, occupational health, safety and environment, and business ethics.

2. Suppliers Selection Criteria

         Procurement is important process to fix expenses and quality of product and service which the company shall bring to use in operation, so the company must have operation procedure beneficial for highest to the company with fairness, reasonability, transparency, and accountability. Besides, the company also gives the importance to trading partners on their supports for a mutual benefit and establishes good working relationship with trading partners/ suppliers based on respect and mutual trust.

         The company emphasizes the importance of screening suitable business partners/suppliers and ensures that the screening process and business practices towards the suppliers are fair and in accordance with the established criteria. The company supports conducting business with suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors (“Suppliers”) who operate ethically, respect human rights, and are socially and environmentally responsible. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices. The selection criteria cover economic, environmental, and social dimensions (ESG) as follows:

  • Having a good credit history and potential to be growth together with the company in long term. 
  • Having production process which concern to society and environment according to regulations by laws such as non-infringement of human rights, non-use illegal labor, and non-destructive environment. 
  • Produce or Distribute quality product and quality assurance. 
  • Delivery product in agreed quantity and timely. 
  • Supporting in promotion and after-sale services to customers. 
  • The company collaborates with suppliers in various aspects, including providing product samples, quotations, and other relevant information. It ensures that suppliers adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct, which covers business ethics, labor and human rights, occupational health and safety, environmental considerations, and compliance with laws and regulations.
3. Suppliers Risk Assessment

          The company has analysis of purchasing history information of trading partners by considering from nec¬essary details such as numbers of trading partners, purchased product group, value of purchasing, and source of trading partners, in order to analyze working procedure and risk management in Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Management Goals
Supply Chain StrategiesGoalsGoal Years
Code of Conduct for SuppliersNoticed100%2021
Risk AssessmentESG Risk Assessment90%2022
SustainabilityEmployees Training-Supply Chain and Sustainability100%2025
Suppliers-Supply Chain and Sustainability70%2025
Purchasing Information of Suppliers
Source productNumbers (names)Rate (%)
Critical Supplier Details
Types of SuppliersNumbers (Names)Rate (%)
Significant Supplier384.34
Non-Significant Supplier83895.66

Action Measure in the event that supplier’s non-compliance in regulations

  • Negotiate to resolve the problem with determining the problem scope and clearly period 
  • Viral warning and writing warning 
  • Termination of trade agreement 
  • Claim for damages
4. Supplier Assessment and Monitoring

         The Company has established the Supplier Code of Conduct to be operational guidelines for suppliers and conduct the Sustainability Self-Assessment.  The assessment covers issues covering the Environment, Social,  Governance: ESG. By requiring suppliers to annually conduct a self-assessment through GLOBAL SOFT program and also requiring the purchasing department to regularly conduct ON-SITE AUDIT annually to audit the quality and sustainability operations of suppliers.

Performance in 2022 

ON SITE AUDIT: The Company conducts On-Site ESG Audit suppliers by conducting the audit at the suppliers’ company to check the quality of the products and compliance with sustainability practices, including Suppli¬er Code of Conduct. By 2022, the Company has audited 6 companies of critical suppliers and 3 companies of non-critical suppliers, and found that all 9 companies have followed the Sustainability practices across the economic, social and environmental dimensions, as well as there is no violations of Suppliers code of conduct and practices. 

Supplier ESG Self-Assessment: The Company has established Supplier ESG Self-Assessment by requiring domestic suppliers to conduct the assessment through Global Soft. In 2022, there is 482 companies of domestic suppliers has replied the Self-Assessment from total domestic suppliers 596 companies or equal to 80.87%

5. Specify credit term policy

         The Company gives the importance to liquidity and Cash management by specifying the criteria and credit term processing for suppliers within 7-180 days, which considering from many factors such as business operation period, purchase value, product quality etc.

         Credit term period information of the company according to actual average duration with details as below;

Account Payable Day40 Day41 Day38 Day
6. Suppliers Development

         Since 2010 the company has applied the VMI system (Vendor Managed Inventory) which is the product management system by suppliers in order to increase the efficiency in product selling of suppliers with inventory management for the company. The important principle of VMI, that is Suppliers can access to actual sales information of the company and inventory for each store, then the suppliers can settle the production plan, delivery plan and promotion sale accurate and meet different requirements of each area. The company gives authority to suppliers for opening purchase order and refill products for the company. Anyway, VMI will help to increase product sales of suppliers and increase an efficiency of supply chain for both suppliers and company, as well as respond customer needs consecutively.

         In addition, the company will compare the results of Suppliers’ ESG Assessment on a case-by-case basis with other suppliers within the same industry. If any supplier’s assessment results in each dimension are below the criteria, they must undertake necessary improvements within the specified timeframe to enhance and develop their sustainability practices.

7. Green Procurement

         The company recognizes that Green Procurement is a process or activity of the Company’s social and environmental responsibility as the procurement is an important process for every business that plays a huge role in reducing environmental impact. The Company has supported green procurement with a commitment to promote the procurement of Eco-friendly equipment, tools, and vehicles to reduce the environmental impact from the Company’s activities. As well as sourcing Eco-friendly products and services to support responsible consumption and meet the needs of customers who want to consume Eco-friendly products.


1. Procurement of Eco-friendly equipment, tools, and vehicles. 

  • Purchasing the Electric Forklift for new stores instead of gas and oil type forklifts and replace forklifts of same stores that have reached the end-of-life by starting from 2020 onwards, the operation of electric forklifts will not affect the environment in terms of noise, smell and air pollution. 
  • Purchasing the Electric Stacker for moving products in retail area of every store. 
  • Hybrid Car, the Company has a policy to purchase Hybrid Car for Executives due to it is more environmentally friendly than gasoline cars. 

2. Procurement of Eco-friendly products and services to support and meet the needs of customers. The company has categorized to be ESG products group which consist of energy-saving products, global warming reduction group, national resource saving group, health promotion group, products for the elderly and disabled persons, and products for the new lifestyles.

8. Company’s Buyers Officer Training

         The Company provides capacity development trainings for buyer officers to effectively accommodate organizational changes. The company also makes communications about policies, Supplier Code of Conduct, regulations, and guidelines related to the procurement process and the application of information technology systems. This can appropriately and systematically create operational efficiency as well as the correct and rapid implementation of the procurement process using knowledge and information technology systems.

Contribution to External Organizations and Associations

Unit : Baht

Lobbying, interest representation or similar0.
Local, regional or national political campaigns/organizations/candidates0.
Others (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums)

         During 2019 to 2022, the company did not provide any contributions to organizations; interest representation, local, regional, national, or campaigns, including expenditures related to lobbying, political contributions, or any form of support for political or business organizations.