Sustainable Development in Social

Smart People “Taking care all stakeholders together with social value creation”

Social Policies and Practices

Human Rights

         The company realizes that respecting human rights is the important responsibility and concern with all stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, creditors, communities related to the business operations of the company. Thus, the company has stipulated the human rights policy in accordance with laws in the country and international standard for instance, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: UNGPs in order to apply to be corporate practices regard as responsibilities of directors, executives, and employees need to be acknowledged and comply by publicizing the policy on the company’s website and more information at below;

Human Resource Management

         Human Resources is important part in business operations to achieve goals and success including competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

Management Guidelines

         The company has intention to manage the human resources according to the good corporate governance principle by determining the personal strategy since recruitment, employee’s development and employee retention together with supporting employees equal for career growth and advancement without restrictions on gender, nationality, and religion. The company emphasizes on Knowledge and ability development as well as encourages employees to be good citizen with volunteer spirit, make public and social benefit following to the Human Resource Management Policy of the company “GBH Smart People”

1. Employee Recruitments

         With respect to the main operation plan focusing on continuous store expansion every year, cause the company must set the recruitment plan in advance. In order that, the company has stipulated the employment policy by promoting mainly local employment in area where the store is located for supporting local economic and labor development including internal recruitment for transfer to their hometown.

         Furthermore, the company has promoted career building for disadvantaged peoples by giving the cooperation and supporting the employment policy of the government sector such as Elderly Employment, Disability Employment, New Graduated Employment (Co-payment Project), with the performance of the past years as follow;

2. Employees Training and Development

         In addition to the above employee’s development, the Company has expanded cooperation and development to the educational institutions. For the year 2022, the company has made the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University, concerning graduate production and work integrated learning: WIL by connecting classroom learning with real work experience in organizations. The objective for developing students’ qualifications and skills to meet demands in business sector. Presently, there are educational institutions join the graduate production support and cooperation project of 9 places with 6 programs and students attend the internship and learning from real work more than 100 persons.

3. Employee Retention

        Employee is important part in business operation to be sustainable growth, the company gives the importance in employee retention to build the employee engagement in the organization by the following treatments;

  • Employee’s Compensation and Welfare Management
  • Other Benefits
  • Employee’s Engagement

Performance Summary on Human Resource Management in 2022

1. Promoting equal opportunities and diversity for employees

Gender Diversity
GenderNumber (persons)% of total employees

Remark: FTEs is Full Time Equivalent  

Age Diversity
AgeNumber (persons)% of FTEs
Lower than 30 years4,03640.11
Between 30-55 years5,40153.67
Over than 55 years6266.23

Remark: FTEs is Full Time Equivalent 

Nationality Diversity
NationalityShare in total workforce (%)Share in all management positions (%)
Religious Diversity
ReligionNumber (persons)% of FTEs

Remark: FTEs is Full Time Equivalent

2. Capability Building of Female Employees

Share of Female EmployeesPercentageTarget 2025 (%)
Female employees per total number of employees42.6650
Female Executives in operation per total executive (Manager)37.4640
Female Executives in middle level per total executives (Directors, Deputy Directors)43.2445
Female Executives in revenue-generating functions35.6940
Female Executives in total executives’ level33.3340
Gender Pay Gap Analysis
IndicatorDifference between men and women employees (%)
Mean gender pay gap8.34
Median gender pay gap4.04
Mean bonus gap11.35
Median bonus gap5.88
Gender Pay Indicator
Employee LevelAverage Women SalaryAverage Men Salary
Executive level (base salary only)0.931
Executive level (base salary + other cash incentives)0.871
Management level (base salary only)1.141
Management level (base salary + other cash incentives)1.211
Non-management level (base salary only)1.041

3. People with Disability employment

4. Freedom of Association

         The company promotes and provides freedom of expression and integration for employees, as well as processes and channels for listening to opinions and concerns through various channels such as the Voice of Employee program, the call center system, and the complaint center. These channels cover various fields, including suggestions and opinions shared through the Welfare Committee, which is considered an important mechanism for employee participation.

Welfare Committee

         The company has promoted the participation of employees in collective action and has the power to collectively bargain on various related issues. A welfare committee has been established to represent employees in consultations, recommend, inspect, and supervise welfare arrangements, including managing suggestions and issues related to welfare and the working environment.

         The welfare committee will be nominated and selected by electing employees in each branch area, covering 100% of the staff, to act as employee representatives. The elected welfare directors will hold office for a term of 2 years and will hold meetings with branch executives and the company at least once a quarter in accordance with the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541.

         Currently, the company’s welfare committee covers all branch areas, comprising a total of 81 committees and 405 members. By implementing guidelines to improve issues related to welfare and the working environment, aiming to support well-being and enhance the quality of life at work for all employees in a fair and equal manner.

5. Labor Practices

         The Company is committed to respecting the labor rights and fair practice of employees, in alignment with relevant laws and policies under the Thai Labor Protection Act such as employment, wages, working hours, holidays, and welfare, as well as ensuring a good and safe working environment. Anyway, the Company provides the following welfares:

WelfaresRights according to the LawsRights the Company set for Employees
Maternity leaves for female employees98 Days98 Days
Public HolidaysNot lower than 13 days/year14 days
Annual personal leavesNot lower than 6 days/year6-15 days
Business leaves Parental leave for the non-primary caregiver3 Days12 Days
Employee Support Program

         “In addition, the company has allocated various benefits to enhance the employees’ well-being during their collaboration with the company. These include financial aid, stress-relief areas, nursing corners for breastfeeding, and other life stability benefits such as pension funds, life insurance, and emergency assistance funds.

Employee Benefits

         1. Workplace stress management

         The company providing seating and reading corners for relaxation and stress relief to employees during break time.

         The company organizes activities to promote mental well-being and stress relief for employees, such as merit-making activities and various festive events held annually.

         2. Sport & Health Initiatives

         The company promotes employees to engage in physical exercise and participate in sports competitions both within and outside the branch/company.

         The company promotes employee health care by regularly organizing physical health check-ups and providing knowledge about health care.

         The company promotes employee health care and immune system enhancement by regularly participating in blood donation drives for the Thai Red Cross Society every year.

         The company provides benefits to take care of employees during maternity leave, sick leave, and also supports employees and their families in the event of bereavement. These initiatives are managed through the Welfare Committee and company representatives.

Family Benefits

         1. Breast-feeding/lactation facilities or benefits.

         The company provides facilities and amenities for a “Mother’s Corner” to accommodate breast-feeding mothers and their babies.

         The company prepares a “Children’s Play Area” to care for and serve the children of employees and customers

6. Employee Hiring

Average Hiring Cost/FTE (Baht)--1,233.72830.78
Total number of new employee hires (Persons)--2,3883,984
Percentage of Internal Hires (%)--8.318.6
Number of new employee hires separated by gender, age, management level, and religion (persons)
Under 30 years--1,5982,670
Between 30-55 years--7431,242
Over than 55 years--4772
Management Level
Junior Management--164233
Middle Management--159
Top Management--00

7. Human Capital Development

Total trained employees (person) 10,07410,077
Total Hours of training (hours)83,51181,422
Total hours/person / year8.298.08
Training Value (Baht)198,653.451,940,965.09
7.1 Store Manager Development Program

         The company aims to develop and enhance the capabilities of the store management team, which plays an important role in overseeing store operations, including sales and services. As well as enhance the efficiency of the personnel in each store to be successful aligning with the company’s objectives.

Target GroupDevelopment TopicsOutputs and Benefits
High Potential Talent selected based on the past performance and qualified as specified criteria.• The processes and management of every function in store. ◦ Retail sale and structure sale department ◦ Store support and central department• 321 participants (Store Manager Team)
• Software systems and relevant tools.• Over 5,805 man-days of training.
• Role of store Manager• The average annual sales generated per branch are 451 million baht.
• Team Management and development• % Employee Engagement Score (Leadership) over 90%
• Real work training and guidance from senior executives.
7.2 New Young Management Trainee Program

         The company promotes and creates opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced employees who are eager to learn, practice, and develop themselves in the retail business field. This is aimed at enhancing their potential and preparing them for career growth, making them valuable assets for the store management team in the future. 

  •  Started program since 2015 until 2023.
  • There are 8 classes at present, total 58 participants. 
  • Total 17 promoted employees in position of assistant stores manager and other departments.
Target GroupDevelopment TopicsOutputs and Benefits
New employees qualified as specified criteria and have flexibility working in stores)• Retail Business working process in store.• 58 participants (Trainee Manager)
• Coaching and team management• 5,220 man-days of training
• Preparing for the opening of a new branch, along with the support of the staff.• The growth rate of 30% for trainee managers in the profession, who have been appointed as branch management level.
• Real working in assigned department.

8. Employee Appraisal

         The company defined and established the performance appraisal policy, appraisal criteria, as well as the implementation of appraisal results for considering the compensation and actions related to various aspects. The company conducts performance appraisal systematically, both quantitatively and qualitatively, using the same standards regularly every quarter through the HR Management system to ensure transparency and fairness. The Company established the type of performance appraisal as “Management by Objectives” to set work objectives and goals, and additional dimensions will be added to the appraisal process to accommodate diverse job roles within the organization.

Occupational Health and Safety

         The company realized that good sanitation and safety in the working environment will promote efficiency in working and build trust to all stakeholders. Thus, the company gives importance to the management guidelines for occupational health and the working environment for the safety of employees and all stakeholders.

Determination and Goals

         The company has intention to operate business without the occurrence of accidents by setting target “Zero Accident” to persuade employees realize to the importance and work carefully, without accidents which cause of injuries from the working in every activity of operations. By defining the relevant target as follow;

  • Every year : 0 Fatality of Employees
  • Every year : 0 Occupational Illness Frequency Rate of Employees
  • Within 2025 : Less than 1.0 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate of Employees
Accident Statistic
Accident Rate20212022
Number of stores7578
Numbers of Loss Time Accident101104
Average Lost time Injury Frequency Rate per store11.351.33
Total Recordable Injuries Rate: TRIR5.775.12
Injury Severity Rate: ISR (Excluding Fatalities)0.080
Lost time Injury Frequency Rate: LTFR23.943.83
Lost time Injury Frequency Rate: LTFR2 (PC/Contractors)0.520.63
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate: OIFR330.00.0
Fatalities (Times)
· Male02
· Female0.00.0
PC staffs
· Male0.00.0
· Female0.00.0
Number of Deaths4
· Male1211
· Female20.0
PC staffs
· Male43
· Female21


  1. Average Lost time Injury Frequency Rate per store = number of accidents/Number of stores
  2. Lost time Injury Frequency Rate = number of accidents/numbers of total working hours X 1,000,000
  3. Frequency (times)/ number of total working hours 
  4. Due to Force Majeure 

1. Elevating Occupational Health and Safety

          The Company realizes to the safety by emphasizing to being an accident-free organization by 2030, the Company hence ensured that its working environment is safe and aligned within strict compliance with legal requirements. It has assigned its Safety, Health, and Environment Management Committee and Safety Officer in all levels to perform their duties for setting Occupational Safety and Health Standards and corrective action guidelines and conduct the assessment the compliance to the standards, plan, or specified policies, in order to prevent severe accident and reduce incident impacts. The Company has also organized workshops, learning and communication of accident information and solutions together with the Central Safety Working Group, for elevating its management to be standards in operation.

         Furthermore, the Company give an opportunity to all employees to participate in corporate safety operations by reporting the operational areas, risk point, or working process that may result in harm through different channels such as the meeting of Safety, Health, and Environment Management Committee, the Safety Patrol, along with collaborate to define the solutions, and prioritize the corrective action through the risk assessment, etc.

2. Safety Patrol

          The Company gives the importance to build awareness to behavior-based safety, work environment for workers and users in order to reduce risk of accidents. Anyway, the company also emphasizes to being an accident-free organization by defining that the occupational safety, health and work environment, safety officers in working levels, including all employees to be a part in safety patrol in working area that is likely to cause an impact or risk to the safety of the operator or the user and take corrective action to prevent accidents.

3. Kiken Yoshi Training (KYT)

         KYT project has been ongoing for a long time that is carried out at every shift before starting the operations. The executives, managers, supervisors, and safety officers will be the persons who start giving knowledge about safety to operators or workers, along with giving suggestions in others related operations, such as giving services, correct and safe work procedures, areas that may be a safety risk in operations or in giving services. Including clarifying service issues, the solutions, and dealing with each situation, etc.

4. Safety Talk

         The Company promotes understanding, educating and raising awareness for all employees to be acknowledged safety information relating with employees. By cultivating consciousness of knowing the cause and impacts, including correct and safe solutions, operating procedures, tools, equipment, and machines maintenance for all employees, etc.

5. Participation in the “Safe Roads, Save Lives” Project

         The Company has signed an MOU (MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING) for “Safe Roads, Save Lives” with public-private partnership, organized by Integrated Emergency Rescue and Road Safety Committee, Senate in collaboration with Rotary Club of Thailand, Country Cooperation Strategy- Road Safety (CCS-RS), Thai Health Promotion Foundation, to move forward with the common intention to drive Thailand to be a safe society from road accidents. The Company is part of the private sector to drive the operation to enhance road safety for the Company’s personnel, along with the communication team and coordinate work with each other to ensure continuity and tangible results.

Community improvement for society

         The Company realizes to the role of participation in social value creation, aims to enhance the people’s quality of life and strengthen the economy of community, together with operates business by considering social responsibility, based on the balanced mutual value creation with stakeholders.

Management Guidelines

         The Company supports and promotes the use of business processing in creating multiple value to society and community through the projects and activities, such as; generating income for small entrepreneurs, promoting distribution channels for agriculturist group, and strengthening skills and knowledges to students for better quality of life, as well as promoting employees to participate in volunteer working with the communities.

1. Promoting the distribution channels of products for agriculturist group through “Sharing Happiness, creating smile and Kasetdee Platform project”

         Regarding economic conditions and circumstances affect farmers as they can sell less product. There are no areas for selling agricultural products, and some areas have oversupply of agricultural products. Therefore, the Company has established “Sharing happiness, creating smile project” to be a part to relieve problem of farmers. The Company purchases agricultural products in area of Nakhon Ratchasima province, such as; sweet corns, sweet potatoes, bananas, peanuts, and taros, etc. and distributes to “Happiness sharing area” of each store to provide consumers in different areas with the opportunity to access agricultural products that are good quality and safe for consumers in fair price, and also provide more than 9,000 of our employees at each store to consume goods. In addition, the Company also supports small courier entrepreneurs who registered through the Company’s transportation service platform for more than 800 entrepreneurs to deliver products to its stores of the Company for all the year. Furthermore, the Company has developed “Kasetdee Platform” with its intention to be another channel to support and facilitate agriculturists or small entrepreneurs who are interested, to offer their agricultural products fast and efficient to the Company. Form the aforesaid projects, the Company supports and distributes agricultural products through “Kasetdee platform”

2. Promoting Hommali Rice distribution project for Kasetwisai Agricultural Cooperatives

         Thung Kula Rong-Hai Hom Mali Rice is the excellent jasmine rice and product champion of Roi-et for long times, but agriculturists face the falling price of rice problem and the inability to export to foreign countries, resulting rice buffer stocks in Roi-Et area. Thus, to relieve rice buffer stocks problem of agriculturists, the Company have purchased Hom Mali Rice in 5 kgs package, from Kasetwisai Agricultural Cooperatives, in number of 80,000 bags or 400 tons, and distributed to “Happiness Sharing Area” of all 77 stores over the country, which have received well feedback.

3. Generating Income for small entrepreneurs “Changdee Project”

         The Company has continuously developed as it aims to be a part of improving quality of life and creating well-being for societies and communities where the company operates all 77 stores over the country. Thus, the Company has established “Changdee project” to provide opportunities for technicians or local small entrepreneurs to join the company. And throughout the time that we’ve provided opportunities to technicians or small entrepreneurs who operate installations by distributing over 70 installation services such as installation of electrical appliances, electrical system, toilets, water pump, solar cell, gutters, digital door locks, automatic door system, garages, kitchenwares, etc., to technicians and small entrepreneurs. Besides, the Company has cooperated with Business Partners; Mitsubishi Samsung Haier Midea Gree Toshiba LG Daikin TCL BEKO, etc.

Others Corporate Social Responsibility

         The Company has always supported activities that benefit society whether in form of a grant donations or giving the cooperation with the public and private sectors through 77 stores. In 2022, the Company supported activities amounted to Baht 52,909,000.00 with details as follows:

1. Educations and Youth Development

         The Company grants products for educational aid to schools, Industrial and Community College, Technical College in the province where stores operated.

2. Medical

         The Company grants medical supplies for Roi-Et hospital, consists of 2 Dialysis Machines and 1 machine of heat needle treatment for pain suppression by Four-channel radio-frequency signal generator valued Baht 2,900,000.00 for medical use and patients’ treatment.

3. Disabled & underprivileged persons Contributions

         The Company participated to be a part in raising donations from devotees and Global employees from all stores to the Foundation Office Roi Et Province Branch / Roi Et School for the Blind, by setting up a donation kiosk in stores, which can collect donations of Baht 410,000.00 Baht. As well as supporting prizes in activities on the International Day of Persons with disability and donating grant-in-aid for the procurement of equipment to help people with disabilities.

4. Religion

         Donated Money and products of construction materials and equipment to restore the church, parsonage and dhamma retreat totally 32 places.