Objectives & Goals

Siam Global House Public Company Limited objective is to operate a retail business in construction and home improvement segment selling a wide range of product, from heavy construction material to light decorative products, in large warehouse stores under the trade name of “Global House”.

In addition to achieve “The best distribution channel for building materials and home furnishings of ASEAN”, the Company be in process of stores expansion to cover areas of Thailand , including of distribution channel development to support the changing of life style. Currently, the Company is studying of opportunities to expand distribution channels to other countries in ASEAN.

The company’s objective is to become the leader in retail business of construction and home improvement segment in order to provide our customers with varieties products all at affordable in one store. And realized that the business growth is continuing must come from the growth of the business and expanding stores. Therefore, the Company is focus on serving of the customers’ needs. It will be considered for a review of products and services processes, sourcing of products, reasonable pricing, an efficient storage of goods and cost effective. As well as goods presentation in each store, that depends on consumers behavior. In addition, the Company aims to expand stores which coverage the provinces to response the consumers’ need.